The Download Adec Failed  message appears when a device is not started in the right state to accept files. This happens often in Mpman devices during recovery procedure with PAD Product Tool. First of all, for this type of tablet there are no sufficient tutorials in English, most of the tutorials are in French  however, […]

Download Adec Failed while trying to ...

chrome error 1d
One of the problems that appear when installing Google Chrome and some other similar apps is error 0x000001d . The message displayed  “ the installer encounered error 0x000001d ”  during install Google Chrome app especially in Windows XP appears for many reasons. One reason that is more frequent is: Goole Chrome like many other apps […]

Error 0x000001d in Google Chrome

Windows is to busy, it is  ” working on updates “. Every time you restart your computer you should sit back and wait. This system has seemed to be a perfect solution although often it’s a bit busy because it is working on updates . However in this case it seems that Microsoft has […]

Windows Ten is working on updates

Kali Linux
Kali Linux is one of the most popular operating systems for using penetration. When we consider that what might make a user of Kali Linux the question is: Is it legal?  Is it permissible to use it? In this question we do, just out of curiosity, because many wondering: How to install Kali Linux? […]

Is it lawful use of Kali ...

Windows 10 reset- inaccessible boot device… It looks really disappointing at this stage of installation.The solution to this problem exists, though difficult. Someone could say that we are dealing with an unfinished operating system, but there is no any operating system completely finished, there is a reset tool in Windows […]

Inaccessible Boot Device during Windows 10 ...

How to Upgrade to Windows 10
Since July 29 2015 Windows 10 is ready to install for all computers that meet minimum hardware and software requirements. But sometimes the completion of the installation is difficult for different reasons. However, there are several ways to make a successful installation. After launching the new operating system from Microsoft […]

How to Upgrade to Windows 10

error code 0xc0000428
Recovery Your PC/Device needs to be repaired the digital signature for this file couldn’t be verifiedFile:windowssystem32bootwinload.exe Error code 0xc0000428 The error code 0xc0000428 is displayed because Windows 10 Technical Preview has expired in April 15, 2015. Those who want to install Windows 10 Technical Preview in a virtual machine have […]

Windows 10 Preview error code 0xc0000428

Windows 10 folder options are very simple to be managed. If we need to find some things that we have used in previous operating systems, we can follow some examples below. So how to configure Windows 10 folder options. To show hidden files open a folder, click View, click Options, click […]

Windows 10 folder options

Learn how to download, install Windows 7 , where to find and download an ISO file of Windows 7. How to backup important data, product key and drivers. How to prepare Commputer and installation media to install new OS. How to run and finish Windows 7 installation. How to install drivers, […]

Download, Install Windows 7

Download- install Ubuntu
(Edited 23.10.2015- Now Ubuntu 15.10 Available to Download) If you can’t find solution from other operating systems you should consider to download- install Ubuntu because “It Works” Ubuntu is one of the most popular operating systems.It’s really a “humanity to others”, a sentence from which it took its name.Now we […]

Download- install Ubuntu